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and discussion on the affordable care act and how it overlays with the healthcare security ordinance. we have a presentation by tangerine brigham, department of health and we have matt goldberg of the office of labor standards and enforcement available for questions and answers and we have scott hague small business california who has analyzed the affordable care act and to do questions and answers and i don't know if you have any introductory remarks, director? >> i do, i want to extend my appreciation to tangerine brigham for the conversations that both our office is having with the department of public health, and her willingness to work with the commission and our office to start taking a look at this early and as i think in the last week, i have come to understand that this is a lot subtle and complex than i initially realed and i really want to extend the appreciation to her to provide some education and information for us. because this is something that we're going to be dealing with over the next several months, and for us to really -- for the commission and for the department and
. also require responsible bidders that participate in state certified programs and provide healthcare to workers and their families. [inaudible] especially sfusd graduates equal to the average local participation level projects funded by the 2006 bond or equal to the overall local hire inging policy. require that -- require that at least 70 percent of the project work hours performed by the apprentices shall be performed by local residents, require that crack tors work for a [inaudible] ever 5 million dollars of construction cost if such graduates are available, establish an overall local participation target that will [inaudible] contractors [inaudible] such as a bonus payment. monitor local higher compliance on an on going basis and [inaudible] met and sustained concurrently develop processes and procedures for dealing with contractors who fail to meet their targets. this will be crafted [inaudible] on future projects. establish an oversight committee made up of community labor contractor and [inaudible] review compliance with these contracting and hiring requirements and make reco
cab companies and only to the cab companies that are willing to provide healthcare to the drivers and the mta should be helpful in reducing the payment for those so that we can afford to do that. 50/50 and we're submitting a proposal to you and we're going to do a more comprehensive in the coming days. >> thank you look forward to seeing it. >> bill mo u.n. dsey. >> good afternoon directors taxi drivers. the train has left. it's brakes have failed. it's going at fullest speed and will crash somewhere. nobody can stop it. she is a liar. she has constantly abuses her power. she continues to give misstatement at each level she's working on a contingent contingency basis not reality. what's going to happen near by? you are not listening to drivers. very soon a strike is coming. the whole city will be blocked. applause. this city will be blocked they are so angry they are telling me. nobody will be able to enter the city please listen to the drivers do not be dumbing anybody it's a serious issue. you are scared. you are talking little bit little bit no. you need an inte
like to make and #1, i think that we need to be sensitive to having healthcare modalities to help monitor so that we are not down the road being held liable for airborne contamination that we could have prevalented or at least had some impact on that it reminds me on the can says clusters in mc particle lan and parts of california and there was a high incidents of childhood cancer and it was contributed to the pesticides and that is not the matter here if you are going to move and digest a certain area you are going to have to scwaive site and in this area you don't know what you are going to find and number two you don't know what is going to emerge and from my perspective you need to be in consultation with the folks at u.k. s f or at general hospital who are dealing with these infectious disease and impacts and what may be there and that we are looking forward and moving forward to having appropriate oversight and respect to that issue. somethingly, when we are dealing with the ammunition, i think we should put on the website a history of what has happened in the bay view and h
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)